Autism Symptoms

You can observe some Autism symptoms in a person as young as two years old and sometimes even younger. Here are the main Autism symptoms that will allow you to identify or wonder if your a member of your family, a friend or anyone else might be affected by this disorder. The severity of these Autism symptoms may vary as each individual is unique. That is why it is evaluated on a spectrum.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Autism Symptoms discussed

The Association Casablancaise des Pédiatres Privés (ACPP) has organized recently in Casablanca a round table on autism, in collaboration with the Secretary of State in charge of family, childhood and disabled persons, Yasmina Baddou.

About 22% of disabled persons in Morocco suffer from autism.
The meeting, presided by Baddou, gave the participants the opportunity to debate on the definition of autism, its diagnosis and symptoms and the role of paediatricians in the treatment of the disease.The round table was held within the framework of “2005 activities: the year of autism in Morocco”. It aimed at discussing the relation between autism and other neurological diseases and, and determine and educational approach to the results of the national colloquium on the premature diagnosis of autism.In her intervention, Baddou stressed the necessity guarantee fundamental rights to disabled people, noting that her department is making of this meeting a starting point to scientifically diagnose the phenomenon of autism.The organisers of the meeting requested the establishment of specialized centres and appropriate schools to integrate people suffering from autism. Scientifically, the anomaly is defined as a serious disorder appearing in childhood and characterized by the child's refusal to establish relations with other people and a severely limited use of language. The cause of children's autism is unknown, but researchers generally feel that it lies in a malfunction of the central nervous system, not in the way parents have treated them or in other aspects of their environment. Autism is also defined as a psychiatric disorder of children, characterized by marked deficits in communication and social interaction, preoccupation with fantasy, language impairment, and abnormal behaviour, such as repetitive acts and excessive attachment to certain objects. It is usually associated with intellectual impairment.The persons suffering from autism range from severely impaired individuals to those who have abnormal social interactions but normal intelligence, Asperger's syndrome. The ways in which autism is exhibited can differ greatly. Mildly affected individuals may appear very close to normal. Severely afflicted individuals may be extremely retarded and unable to function in almost any setting. Autism can also be linked to other disorders such as mental retardation.The current Fourth Edition Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders- (DSM-IV) identifies three features that are associated with autism, impairment in social interaction, communication, and behaviour. First, people suffering from autism fail to develop normal personal interactions in virtually every setting. This means that affected persons fail to form the normal social contacts that are such an important part of human development.This impairment may be so severe that it even affects the bond between a mother and a child. It is important to note that, contrary to popular belief, many, if not most, autistic children are capable of showing affection and do demonstrate affection towards their mothers or other caregivers.


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