Autism Symptoms

You can observe some Autism symptoms in a person as young as two years old and sometimes even younger. Here are the main Autism symptoms that will allow you to identify or wonder if your a member of your family, a friend or anyone else might be affected by this disorder. The severity of these Autism symptoms may vary as each individual is unique. That is why it is evaluated on a spectrum.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Autism is often considered to be a mysterious disorders as facts and myths are mixed together as there are not many people who are actually well informed about it. A big part of the population believes that people who are affected by Autism are unable to express feelings, affection or are incapable of communicating with others at all. That does not reflect the reality. Autistic people do have feelings but are having difficulty to interpret them and are having problems to communicate appropriately and effectively which make them seem awkward and misunderstood.

The symptoms severity level vary from a person to another. Nonetheless, each person affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder displays some of the following areas: social interactions, communication and play. That is why this disorder is evaluated on a spectrum as it displays such variations. The main symptoms that will be shared with you can be all or partially present depending of the person's individual condition.


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